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Fly Fishing Winter Haven | Lake Shipp Sertoma Park

Lake Shipp for Winter Haven Fly Fishing

WHEN I TAKE FLY FISHING STUDENTS on one of our “Next Step” lesson-outings, Lake Shipp Park is one of my favorite destinations.  Freshwater fly fishing on Lake Shipp is a wonderful experience and fly fishing from the shore at Lake Shipp Park is as easy as it gets.  Fly fishing for Bass and Bluegill. 

  • The water is quite clear; one can see the footprints of last night’s wading birds in the sand.
  • There are approximately 300 yards of shoreline, closely mown to create a fly casting paradise
  • The area from the beach is wade-able, providing access to deeper water
  • A boat ramp and a handicap accessible pier bracket the beach and are surrounded by reeds and subsurface vegetation
  • The park includes picnic shelters, a playground and clean restrooms

TRY SIX WEIGHT FLY ROD.  The cast-able area off the beach is vast and the water is deep.  A Super Spoon fly would be a good searching fly.  Fishing the vegetation on the fringes of the beach, try a top water fly with a weed guard, like a Messenger Frog.  Get out in creation, enjoy fly fishing central Florida!

From Allen Wyatt:  This park is the weigh-in location for fishing tournaments on the Winter Haven Chain of Lakes.  And after the weigh-in many of these trophy bass are released into this lake.  The possibility of a lunker bass is suprisingly high here.

Park confusion, there are two parks with boat ramps on Lake Shipp.  The one that is best for fly fishing is on the west side.  Access this park from US Hwy 17 by heading west on Country Road 655.  It will be on the right.

 Photo and Article by Chris O'Byrne, Director of Fly Fishing Schools-ATC

Below is an interactive Google Map for Fly Fishing at Sertoma Park Lake Shipp.

Allen Wyatt
Allen Wyatt


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