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Fly Fishing Winter Haven | Lake Elbert at Polk State College

Fly Fishing Winter Haven, FL Lake Elbert

 FLY FISHING WINTER HAVEN, Florida offers many fine choices.  Lake Elbert is one of several lovely suburban fisheries in the area.  Homes and Polk State College surround the lake, but the fishing experience provides a sense of isolation.  An hour bank fly fishing on Lake Elbert is well spent.  While Florida is famous for our Big Swimming Lizards, wading is possible here and will open up more fishy spots to a cast.

  • The water in Lake Elbert is reasonably clear, Bass and Pan Fish can be seen near the surface
  • There is a small shore line near the concrete boat ramp
  • Next to Highway 542 is about two hundred yards of shore line that is accessible to the fly fisher
  • Kayak fishing is a great option here; there are not too many power boats

BASS AND PANFISH WILL TAKE A FLY here.  Use a nine foot, six weight fly rod, to aid casting.  A floating line is necessary, but sinking flies will reach more fish.  Try the slower sinking Rattle Eyes Half & Half.  If you choose to wade and cast back into the vegetation, a weed guard will be necessary.

ONE GREAT ADVENTURE is right at our doorstep! Have fun fly fishing Lake Elbert.

 By Chris O'Byrne, Director of Fly Fishing Schools

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LAKE ELBERT  W Lake Elbert Drive, WINTER HAVEN, FL 33881

Allen Wyatt
Allen Wyatt


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