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European Travel Checklist

 Summer European Adventures Checklist

These are the items we recommend for your summer trip through Europe.

City Excursions: The cities are sunny, hot and humid during the day. Try to avoid plain cotton clothing that traps in perspiration and does not provide sun protection.

European Travel Checklist

  •  are great for women due to the Coolmax polyester material that is moisture wicking while also providing UPF15.
  • ExOfficio Trip’r and Dryflylite Shirts are great for men with a Nylon/Polyester blend that also provides UPF30+. These collared shirts are great transition wear from afternoon to evening and is suitable dress for dinner out.
  • ExOfficio Technically Sexy Underwear is a very lightweight (1 oz) nylon/spandex undergarment that you can wash in your sink and night, hang over the shower and it’s dry and ready to wear by morning.

  • The North Face and ExOfficio have functional pants and shorts that are lightweight and provide sun protection. Recommended: The North Face Paramount Valley Convertible Pants or ExOfficio Nomad or Nio Amphi Pants and Shorts.
  • A Sun Hat is important when you’re walking the city streets all day or taking a tour on an open-topped bus!
  • Supportive walking shoes are important to keep your feet secure. The roads are often uneven cobblestone. Smartwool socks are great for foot support and moisture control.        Flip Flops are not recommended!

  Country-side Excursions: The country-side is beautiful and open and very sunny! European Travel Checklist

  Lightweight, sun protection clothing is a must.

  •   ExOfficio Dryflylite Long Sleeve Shirts and Under Armour Flats Guide Long Sleeve Shirts are ideal for       country-side exploration. The long sleeves can roll up to make short sleeve shirts. Also making a great   layering shirt, the Dryflylite shirt is very versatile.
  •   The North Face Paramount Valley Convertible Pants or ExOfficio Nomad or Nio Amphi Pants and Shorts.
  •   Rain Jacket  North Face Venture Jacket is light weight and packable to easily fit in a day pack!

Accessories:  It is recommended to carry a day pack so you’re prepared for anything! In addition to your personal items, such as camera, here are some other important things to have on hand:

  • Motion Eaze  (works for water and air....I live with this stuff!)

 Packing Advice:

Use the Eagle Creek Pack-It System for organization and wrinkle reduction.

Jeans are heavy and bulky. Limit the pairs of jean to one or two.