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World's Lightest Salt & Fresh water Fly Rods - Orvis Helios Features and Specifications

Pick up a Helios and immediately you realize that you are holding something different.  It is an amazing 20% lighter than other premium fly rods.  And in keeping, they lightened the reel seat 20% to keep the entire outfit balanced.  The use of very high modulus graphite and thermoset thermoplastic epoxy resins are responsible for the weight savings.  “You'll be stunned by just how light and balanced the Helios is; at just 2 1/8 oz.the 8' 6" 5-wt feels like you're holding just a cork handle, and at at just 3 1/4 oz. the 9-wt. literally feels like a 5-wt.” (Factory quote) After casting all day, this rod is still a pleasure to cast.

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