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Umpqua Phantom X Euro Leader 5X 20ft

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Fluorocarbon Leader 20ft 5X tippet, Indicator Tabs, Tippet Ring

A leader that matches fly, fly line, and fishing conditions.  It will improve your accuracy and presentation.

Umpqua Phantom X Flourocarbon Euro Leader for conditions requiring Euro style tactics.  Use on fly rods 10ft or longer and lines - 3 weight to 5 weight.  Hand tied 20lb butt section with two step down sections.  Bi-Color tippet Tag attaches to a tippet ring.  The leader is tipped with 5ft of Phantom X Flouro.  Tags are intentionally left long as attachment points.  The 5x tippet size is preferred for all-around performance.  


This leader is for water 1ft – 7ft, clear or turbid water.  This is the ultimate leader for Euro style nymphing, saving the angler valuable time, rigging these complex set ups.


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