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Umpqua Phantom X Euro Leader 4X 20ft

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Fluorocarbon Leader 20ft 4X tippet, Indicator Tabs, Tippet Ring

A leader that matches fly, fly line, and fishing conditions.  It will improve your accuracy and presentation.

Umpqua Phantom X Flourocarbon Euro Leader for conditions requiring Euro style tactics.  Use on fly rods 10ft or longer and lines - 3 weight to 5 weight.  Hand tied 20lb butt section with two step down sections.  Bi-Color tippet Tag attaches to a tippet ring.  The leader is tipped with 5ft of Phantom X Flouro.  Tags are intentionally left long as attachment points.  The 4x tippet size is preferred for conditions that require heavier flies or if bigger fish are targeted.

This leader is for water 1ft – 7ft, clear or turbid water.  This is the ultimate leader for Euro style nymphing, saving the angler valuable time, rigging these complex set ups.


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