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Weekof: 07/22/2019
Conditions: Good
Surface Temp: 86f
Clarity: Slightly Tannic 16 inches

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Billy Williams is catching Bluegills in the heat, last week he was chasing trout in Alaska.


After poking several frogs near shore, I have decided that it's frog week.  They are busy laying eggs in the shallow weeds and lilies.  Push as close to shore from a boat, or fish from shore.  Get out a stiff rod, stout leader and you can catch a 'personal best.'  Umpqua Diving Frogs, Dahlberg Divers, Stewarts Hula Frog, and Raineys Georgia Bullfrawgs are great patterns for this fishing (make sure you use flies with a weed guard.)  Take your time working these jungles.  Bright days will congregate fish into shadows.  Docks create shade, but so do tree lines.  A good angler will follow the shadows across the lake-East side at sunrise, West side at sunset. Topwater for Bluegill in the morning. The fish are shallow early in the day.  As the day progresses they head to deeper and cooler water.

Steve Barringer's Double Barrel Frog on a custom Jolly Roger display clip

Many miles from Florida-The River Life


When the sun is high, bream and bass will move deeper.  Small streamers along deep weedlines and docks will produce fish. We have been tying Sloppy-Jose jig-flies just for this.  Small wooly buggers and bigger clousers will get the flies near the bottom.   Next technique is a floater/dropper tandem rig for panfish. Using foam body poppers or hoppers, attach a dropper underneath-using pheasant tails, hare's ear or a prince nymph-these should hang 3 or 4 feet off the floater. The diving style flies are working too-using a long quick strip to make them dive, and waiting till the fly resurfaces-seems to be irresistible to larger bass with a personal best reported. While most fish are hunting cover and shade, Tilapia seem to be the exception.  Cruising Tilapia are taking small baitfish patterns in clear areas of water near shore.

Levi Payne doesn't fool around with the little fish.  He pulled the biggest rainbow from the Watauga River, seen all season!  Gonna need a bigger net!

Hunter Towery, catches a trophy brook trout on the Eagle River in Colorado

Forecast :

We anticipate bluegills to be shallow, surface bite at sunrise and sunset. Tilapia are a possibility with a dropper rig. Grass carp will be cruising the shallows-let us know if you can get them to eat.  Big Bass will be found in shaded cover.  Small black and small white minnow patterns will be good. Clear mornings with Summer-pattern, afternoon rain this week.  Winds will be moderate except when storms are near. Lake levels are near the same as last week, but we expect lake levels and river levels to rise through the week.  At the time of this report: the Peace River is above average level. Econ is at average level. Myakka River is above seasonal average. Hillsborough is at e average and the Withlacoochee spillway is flowing heavy when it should be near 0. Changing locations on the Kissimmee to the Frostproof area.  All Florida rivers can double, triple, or higher, during our extreme heavy rains.  Use caution this week when on any river with paddle craft.   

Steve Barringer with his masterful Deer Hair Flies from fly tying club.


Special Event, Fly Tying at Beer Rev, Tuesday 7/30/19 6-7:30 [It is Taco Tuesday-Grab some food and brews from our hosts at Beer Rev.]

Fly Tying is regularly at Andy Thornal Company on the first and third Tuesdays of the month, 6pm-7:30pm.  We usually tie two patterns including Bass, Saltwater, and small flies, too!  This club atmosphere is friendly for beginners and experts, ages 10-70.  Bring your tying tools or borrow some of ours.  The class is free, but we ask that everyone make a $10 purchase to offset costs.

Allen Wyatt
Allen Wyatt


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