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Week 11/20/18-11/27/18
Conditions:  Good
Surface Temp: 73f
Clarity: Slightly Tannic 18-24-inches

Let us know what you are catching-or not catching-Send your pics of fish, beautiful places, or some of the flies that you have tied.  We love to post them on our fishing report!  Send to Allen@andythornal.com

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Cody Wilson with another great fly fishing trip for Redfish at Mosquito Lagoon.  While our home water is Central Florida fresh water,  Salt water is only 1 1/2hr away to either coast,  And you probably own the gear, already...We can point you in the right direction, and show you what the fish are biting.

Cole with his first Redfish on the fly rod!

The bass have been active and the fishing is good. Streamers have been the ticket for consistent results. They have been most productive off the bank and stripped fairly slow to keep them deeper in the water column (around 4-6 feet down.) This is where fluorocarbon and intermediate sinking lines come in handy.  Also, white baitfish patterns should be fished in deeper water.  About Twice your regular cast from the weed line should be good boat placement. We also like Baby Bluegill for small streamer colors.

Youth Fly Fishing program was a great success.  Based on our full day fly fishing school, this class was mornings over 5 weeks.  Contact us for more info, we can create a program for your group, also.  Levi didn't want to quit fishing!

The bass have continued to school up and chow down on schools of shad. Chuck some meaty streamers at some aggressive bass. They have been hanging out a little farther offshore than most people are fishing. Try casting from a boat length away from where you start pounding the bank. The fish are staying in 4-6 ft of water, and they will eat top water flies too.  A white gurgler is a great companion to a white streamer to cover all your bases as the bass will be exploding on top one second then retreat to deeper water. Bluegill are hanging around docks and near the mouths of canals. The best way to catch them has been a heavier tungsten nymph drug on the bottom or a worm fly with the squirmito tail on a jig head. Specs(Crappie) are still being caught along grass lines and outside of the lillies. Use baitfish patterns in white, black and/or brown/olive in size 6, 8, or 10 Classic popper fishing is recommended late in the day to evening. Colors are important as the fish are selective. Start with white as this mimics a struggling baitfish then start trying brighter colors such as yellow or orange.  Popper dropper rigs are a very good way to fish.  Use classic trout flies such as a Pheasant Tail or a Hare's Ear Nymph is sizes 10-14.

Shad jumped into Hunter Towery's boat while bass fishing the frenzied school.

Rain is forecast for Thanksgiving, temperatures will remain steady through the weekend.  Pressure will fall through the week, and rising this weekend. Full Moon is Friday. We will recommend late afternoon till midnight as prime fishing.  Bass and Specs will eat all night on a full moon.  Bluegill should still cooperate at sunrise.  Lake levels are slightly high, and continue to fall with the season.  The Peace. Econ, Myakka, Hillsborough, Withlacoochee, and Kissimmee Rivers are all at above average levels. Normal river levels are falling with the season.  Lake levels should slowly recede, and are approaching desirable levels. 

 FLY TYING CLASSES ARE ON FIRST AND THIRD TUESDAYS at 6:00PM-7:30PM.  No reservations needed. We supply materials  and tools (or bring yours.) $10 min purchase requested. Our next tying class is Nov 20th.  (then on Dec. 4th) Contact us at 863 299-999 for more info.

Allen Wyatt
Allen Wyatt


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