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Week 10/23/18- 10/30/18
Conditions:  Excellent
Surface Temp: 81f
Clarity: Tannic 22-inches

Let us know what you are catching-or not catching-Send your pics of fish, beautiful places, or some of the flies that you have tied.  We love to post them on our fishing report!  Send to Allen@andythornal.com

Billy Williams and Tiger Godwin caught Brook, Rainbow, and Brown trout in North Carolina this week.  Mostly on flies that they tied!

Tip of the Week: 

With the excessive heat, last week, there was a noticeable lul in fishing reports.  However, since it cooled over the weekend, we expect to see fishing improve, especially for surface fishing.   Bass should be in 4-8ft of water.  Weighted baitfish patterns can get deep to these fish on the weedlines.  Using a sink tip will make countdown times much shorter for these fish.  There is continued success on small white shad, and baby bass, baitfish patterns.   Another report on shell cracker.  They are deep, caught on nymphs and rubber spiders.   Sunrise and Sunset can be productive on poppers and sliders.  And third week in a row for tilapia.  They are taking small nymphs, crawled on the bottom.  Popper Colors-Yellow and Black.  Sizes-Small Size 8 or 10.

Beadhead nymph is catching Bluegill for Oval Outlaw.
 Oval Outlaw caught this nice bass on a black popper.



Specs(Crappie) are being caught along grass lines. Use baitfish patterns in white, black and/or brown/olive in size 6, 8, or 10.     Also, we've heard about more great spec fishing in the lily pads.  Jig vertically through holes in the pads.  Hunter tied a weedless jig, specifically for this-Sloppy Jose (in honor of a favorite customer.)  Olive, Tan, or brown are best at the moment, but have keep some brights available. Jig style flies with squirmito tails were very effective last fall.  For the bluegill bite, structure like overhanging trees is important.  Shade is important.  Work the docks, and shorelines that are in the shade, (these places have cooler water, and provide a great ambush point.) Classic popper fishing is recommended at sunrise.  Colors seem to be important as the fish are selective.  Popper dropper rigs are a very good way to fish.  Use the flies from your trout trip; they work great as droppers.  If you are buying flies, bigger nymphs (sz 12) in prince or hare's ear patterns.  Get these flies on the bottom.  

Lowfat minnow from fly tying club.  Something similar to this pattern is perfect for Bass and Specs right now.


This is Chamber of Commerce weather for the week.  Partly cloudy, falling pressure, mornings in the 60s.  Rain is forecast on Friday, wind may be an issue on Friday.  Lake levels are still high, but lower than last week.  Kissimmee River at the dam (below Hwy 60) is near normal level for this time of year.  Peace River at Arcadia and Econ River at Oviedo have dropped very quickly, and are low for this time.  Myakka River  is at normal levels.  Hillsborough and Withlacoochee are about normal for this time of year.  River levels are falling with the season.  Lake levels should slowly recede, and are approaching desirable levels.  Lakes with large marsh areas will become easier to fish. We expect bass fishing to be excellent, spec fishing to be excellent, & bluegill fishing to be good for an overall excellent rating this week.

Lots of fun at fly tying club last week.

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Allen Wyatt
Allen Wyatt


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