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Week 09/10/18 - 9/18/18
Conditions:  Good
Surface Temp: 82f
Clarity: Tannic 23-inches

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Jason Bergwell, Shawn Ceranic, and Trevor Brown took a day trip for peacock bass-Wow!

Tip of the Week:
More Bluegill this week.  Smaller Bass are biting. You've heard this tip for a few weeks-Small white minnows like Grasset's Snook minnow, and white sz 6 Clousers are producing fish. One of our favorites, the popper-dropper rig with classic trout flies on the dropper are catching lots of fish. Bushier nymphs like Gibson's Snymph, Hare's ear, and Prince are catching lots of panfish.  Important-Bead heads to drop to the bottom so use a long dropper tippet (3ft to 5ft).  Size10 down to size16 will do the trick.  Poppers, Sliders and Amnesia style topwater in chartreuse, white, and black for topwater.  We finally heard about a frog pattern catching-it has been a while!  1lb to 2lb bass are taking topwater, again.


Love this Peacock Bass Tail-These tropical fish are great fun in South Florida 


We like fly fishing topwater, when they will bite on top. Rrecommendation for the week for bass is for larger poppers/sliders size 2 to 2/0. 12in to 16in bass are working in the shallows.  Follow the afternoon shade to find the most aggressive fish. Expect rain storms in the afternoon.  For the biggest bass in the pond, we will recommend  Reaction style flies like the Schmiderbait Spinner-Fly, Dahlberg Divers, and Game Changer flies. These should be moved fast, forcing a quick reaction from the Bass.  We like white, but 'flash' seems to be most important. Water is flowing through canals and large culverts.  These will be feeding funnels and will create opportunities for the fly angler. Pay particular attention to the seawalls in the canals as they can give a fish a great spot to hang.  Bluegill success on dropper rigs  with soft hackle nymphs and bushier style nymphs.  Nymphs should be bushy, with rubber legs, and weighted, as ther is plenty of bluegill action on the bottom.

Casting Instructor, Chris O'Byrne can catch 'em on a broken fly rod.
7 Day Forecast:

Falling pressure through the week, and clear afternoons til Thursday is forecast. Flowing canals will create feeding funnels and should be an opportunity. Lake levels are very high.  Some of the lakes are complex to fly fish because the water floods into the grass and timber areas. The water levels are very high, docks are under water on the Winter Haven Chain, and flood control damns are wide open. Econ, Myakka, and Kissimmee (below Hwy 60) are at normal level for this time of year.  Peace, Hillsborough, and Withlacootchee are very high---extra care should be taken.  We expect bass fishing to improve to excellent this week.

Our New Tarpon Time T-Shirt pictured with Tarpon Artist, Wes Lott.

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