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Wilson's Hula Diver Fly

 Size:1/0, Colors:Multiple

Wilson's Hula Diver is an Orvis fly that reminds us of the famous Dahlberg Divers.  Although the head floats beacuse of deer hair it also dives because of the shovel shape.  With every strip the Hula Diver will dive below the surface leaving a trail of seductive bubbles.  The rubber skirt "dances" behind and is very durable for short striking fish.  Then it will slowly surface if the fly is not stripped again.  this up/down - fast/slow tease is the essence of why the Hula diver causes strikes from large bass, even from bass feeding on the bottom.  It is also a good fly for murky water and choppy days because the fly is easily located by it's bubble trail.  Most fun when cast with an 8 or 9 weight rod. 

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