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Whitlock's Hair Bug WG Frog Fly

 Size:10 (stinger hook), Weedguard, Color:Frog

Dave Whitlock's beloved deer hair bugs include this fantastic frog coloration.  Essential deerhair floats, and feels fairly natural to the fish when chewed on.  It takes on a little water after a while and the floats a little deeper, and the fish seem to like even better.  This series comes to us from Rainy's and the qulity is much improved over year's past with Whitlock patterns.  Size 10 seems small but these flies are still lare; the head is the size of a dime.  Weedguard let's you cast this fly where the fish are (in the weeds!)

Beginner's Guide to Fly Fishing for Bass - Article by our own Allen Wyatt

Dave Whitlock wrote the book on Fly fishing for Bass

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