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Umpqua Perform X HD Bass Bug Leader 8lb 8ft

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Knotless Tapered Bass Bug Leader 16lb 8ft

A leader that matches the fly, fly line, and fishing conditions.  It will improve your accuracy and presentation.  You will catch more fish!

Umpqua's  Bass Bug leader is designed to turn over large, air resistant poppers of size 6 to 2/0.  They will turn over with fly rods and fly lines from 5wt to 10wt.  It is also effective with tandem rigs and droppers.   Heavy butt section with a late taper down to 16lb is perfect for turning over larger, bulkier flies.  This leader is intended for conditions of light wind to medium breeze, and water clarity of slight to heavy tannic.  Made with 100% monofilament so it stays on the surface.


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