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Umpqua Dahlberg Diver WG Shiner

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Diver hair bug with deer hair head, hackle legs and fluent marabou tail. Slurps a great trail of air bubbles. Dives as much as a foot, but always works back to the surface. Our guides say this is one of the best bass flies that there is. Also great for big smallies.

The Umpqua Dahlber Diver with WeedGuard will sit a little deeper, squish when bit, and have a very natural movement. Marabou and splayed hackle create lots of subtle movement, even when still.Try using a non slip loop with a heavy leader and dance the the Dahlberg through the lily pads and buggy whips.  Expect aggresive strikes.


Made with spun deer hair, hackle and marabou

Beautifull fly crafting

Size 6

We recommend an 8wt or 9wt,  and heavy and stiff leader if fishing cover with loop knot (we custom tie a leader called Heavy Cover.)

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