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The Pith Helmet

Terrifically functional and fun, a cool summer hat for the adventurous jungle types. Made with a stiffened straw, our pith helmet has a sweatband with terry cloth at the forehead, 3 eyelets on each side.

The helmet’s crown is 4 1/2 inches high, the front brim measures 2 5/8 inches, as the back brim measures at 2 3/8 inches. Both sides measure at 2 1/4 inches.

The size is adjustable with velcro at the back of the inner sweatband.

Fits up to size 7 1/2" comfortably.

You’ll be suprised how many uses there are for our pith helmets! Like …
• Hanging around the beach
• Spectating or playing golf or tennis
• Playing croquet
• Watching your favorite polo team
• Going on safari
• Life guarding
• Kite flying
• Protecting bald heads
• Gardening
• Mowing your grass
• Boating
• Cruising on your Yacht
• Chopping wood
• Bicycling, especially outside
• Running a marathon
• Birdwatching
• Riding in your convertible
• Napping in a hammock
• Snorkeling? Well, maybe not.

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