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Stewart's Dancing Frog Fly WG

Jim Stewart designed this fly to resemble a floating Hula Popper (the famous bass lure for both spinning and casting rods.)   An architect from Tampa, Florida, Stewart has the opportunity to perfect his fly designs on some pretty large largemouth bass on Lake Pierce.

This is a beautiful spun deer hair frog pattern with great realism.  It creates a lot of disturbance on the water. Cast it out into the weeds, let it sit twice as long as you think you should and then give it a strip. You might be surprised at what happens. Hair bugs with Weed guards sit a little deeper, squish when bit, and move naturally. Rubber skirt create lots of movement, even when still. Face of the fly is glued flat to produce extreme pops and slurps.  Bubble trail will drive larger fish nuts. Try using a non slip loop with a heavy leader and dance the frog through the cover.  Expect aggresive strikes.

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