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Scent-Lok Convertible Head Cover

 #7492-052       scentlok logoScent-Lok  Convertible Headcover                                  Color: Mossy Oak Infinfity

 The warm-weather hunter's key to success, the Savanna Series of garments deliver with a single-layer design, excellent moisture management, and supreme scent reduction. Snug fit provides excellent scent reduction, while a larger opening allows for maximum field of view. Imported.  


Snap-on headcover and hat combo
Carbon Alloy™ for maximum scent control
Designed for maximum versatility in the field
Adjustable interior drawstring
Helps reduce odors; does not guarantee 100% odor elimination
This snap-on headcover and hat combo is designed for maximum versatility in the field. The interior drawstring allows for adjustment for comfort. One size fits most. Machine wash. Imported.

Carbon Alloy delivers Triple Threat Odor Control!
Activated carbon: universally recognized by scientists as the most effective odor adsorbent, activated carbon remains at the core of our technology
Zeolite: with its ability to adsorb smaller odor molecules better than carbon, zeolite extends the scent control spectrum further than ever before
Treated Carbon: the treated carbon particles in Carbon Alloy™ can adsorb up to 300% more targeted odors than untreated carbon alone.

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