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Sack-Ups The Original Knife Protector

AC803 The Original Knife Protector  (6 Protector)


Knife steel is a very high quality material, but all metal can corrode over time. Do not store knives in their sheaths, as the leather collects moisture and creates pits on the blade. Sack-Ups Knife Protection provides an environmentally safe shield against dust and scratches and creates a natural wicking ability that prevents rust and other moisture damage like no other protective product on the market today.

In addition to Sack-Ups guaranteed protection, it's advised to occasionally oil the joints and springs of a pocket knife with a drop or two of oil. This will assure easier opening and closing and will prevent rust and lessen wear. Wipe the blades after each use with a Knifewipe to help fight against rust-especially if you are in a damp climate or close to the ocean.

Whether collecting for hobby, or for use in the field, make sure your knives are covered with a Sack-Up.

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