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Rainy's Spent Dragonfly WG - Whitlock

 Size:6 Wide gap stinger  Color:Blue  Weedguard

This is Dave Whitlock's Spent Dragonfly pattern.  There are two ways to immitate mother nature with this fly.  First is Dapping:  this is what the adult dragonfly does to lay eggs. The beautiful bug gentley dips it's tail and releases eggs, then flies a few more feet, and repeats, and repeats, and repeats.  The hollow doll eyes keep the head up and the tail in the water, creating the proper effect.  Fair warning: several customers have reported catching eager bass that jumped out of the water to grab the fly on a false cast!  The other way to fish the fly is still and twitchin'  The dragonfly with die onthe surface, once it has "spent."  Single post  weedguard lets you fish close to cover.  This is a large fly that is suprisingly easy to cast.  Rainy's foam makes this fly durable.


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