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Power Pot Thermo Electric Generator

Never be caught in the back country without power!

The Power Pot is a a handmade thermoelectric generator, and a great backpacking pot for boiling water on the trail. A handful of of young and spirited engineers build every one of these pots in Salt Lake City, UT-USA.  Simply make sure the pot has water the boil.  Put it over a heat source including a campfire, and it will generate enough electricity to power and charge a cell phone or battery.  Yea, that is a USB plug under the handle!

Technical Info:

Output: USB 5 watt (5V, 1A)

Material: Hard anodized aluminum

Capacity: 1.4 L (1 Qt)

Weight: Power Pot V: 340g (12oz) Cord: 56g (2oz)

12cm (4.5") x 12cm (4.5")

Included with Powertpot V, Lid/Bowl, Usb Charging cord (fire resistant), Charging tips for Apple, Micro, & Mini USB, and Mesh storage bag.

Limited Lifetime warranty

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