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Pawley's Island Large Polyester Rope Hammock/White #130P

Pawley's Island Rope Hammock    #130P      Large Polyester Rope Hammock    Color: White


     The stark-white rope positively pops when set against the deep natural hues and muted earthtones of a typical backyard backdrop. Again and again, this roomy hammock will beckon you to abandon that briefcase and power-down that laptop, to turn your tense back on the indoors and give your cramped-up spirit some serious room to revel. Consider the rope's brilliant-white color as your own personal flag of surrender – for your senses! Settle into this hand-woven relaxation haven, and give into the need to sometimes do absolutely nothing at all.

Three-ply soft-spun polyester rope means fewer maintenance woes than cotton, but with the same lofty level of comfort. Resistant to rot, mold and mildew, our Large Polyester Rope Hammock promises numerous satisfying seasons of surrender.


Hand-woven soft-spun bright-white polyester 3-ply rope
Marine-spar-varnished white-oak spreader bars
Zinc-plated hanging hardware includes 2 tree hooks
Pillow and Stand sold separately
Made in the USA


Total Length             13 feet from ring to ring
Width                        4 feet 7 inches
Bed Length               6 feet 8 inches
Hanging Distance      14-16 feet
Accommodates          2 people
Weight Capacity        450 pounds
Color                         White
Product Weight        17 pounds
Warranty                  1 year

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