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Orvis H2 864-4 4-weight Fly Rod

  #7A74    H2 864-4 Mid Flex Fly Rod      2½ oz. 8' 6" 4-piece Mid Flex fly rod for 4-wt. line

      "We set out on an adventure to make the world's lightest graphite fly rod. Along the way, we also made the world's best."

In a culture that wants everything bigger, stronger, and faster, sometimes slowing things down can provide the greatest benefits. If you prefer parachutes to tungsten, live for emergers, and shudder at the thought of coneheads, this is the ideal fly rod. This medium-action Helios 2 5-weight 9' fly rod handles long leaders and light tippets with kindness, but won't shy away from those stubborn trout who won't eat anything that doesn't include rabbit strips and rubber legs. Be ready for anything that swims your way knowing that the best 5 wt. fly rod is in your hands. Proudly made in Manchester, Vermont, USA.

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