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Ninja Craw feat. Ninja Tail - 3" - Mardi Craw

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A crusty craw, designed for vibration. Large ninja tails and side legs, produce noisy kicking for reaction strikes. The ribbing along the body allows extra vibrations. The Ninja Craw has molded hook slots to prevent snagging vegetation. This bait can get into dense areas and coax the hidden trophies. And the donkey sauce attractant is the extra edge needed to get inspire fish out of the weeds. The 13 Fishing Ninja Craw Ninja Tail will stir laid-up fish.

·         Streamlined body shape

·         Multiple side legs

·         Two large ninja tails

·         Quick kicking action

·         Buzzing Vibrations

·         Infused with Donkey Sauce

·         Qty. per Pack: 6

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