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LiveTarget Shad BaitBall Crankbait/Pearl-Grey Med Dive

The Live Target Threadfin Shad Bait Ball Crankbaits are a revolutionary take on crankbait fishing. Each bait is molded around multiple baitfish profiles, giving it the appearance of a small bait ball of fish breaking off from the school. This is exactly what happens when bass attack a school of baitfish, the baitfish scatter and then instinctually form smaller bait balls in an effort to regain the safety of the school. Live Target realized when bass see the Threadfin Shad Baitball Crankbait moving through the water, or any crankbait for that matter, they don’t see it is as a single baitfish, they see it as a small bait ball. The size of a crankbait actually more closely resembles 3-5 baitfish tightly packed together rather than one giant baitfish. The combination of the Koppers Live Target Threadfin Shad Bait Ball Crankbait’s proven rattling action and multiple baitfish profiles triggers the impulses of foraging bass, and allows you to present multiple baits without having to throw an umbrella rig.

Live Target Length Weight Depth Class
Threadfin Bait Ball Crank 2-1/2" 5/8oz 10ft Floating

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