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Grizzly Flutter Legs Black Barred Color Grizzly

Hareline Grizzly Flutter Legs  Special $1 Shipping on up 1 to 5 sets of legs

These legs are as buggy as it gets. They are barred on both sides over of a silicone leg. Very Stretchy.  Very Wiggly.  Slightly thinner than the classic medium round rubber leg.  Silicone is long lasting as compared to rubber legs, and less prone to kinks and bends. 

Grizzly Base

Black Barred

Semi Transluscent Leg

4 Skirts per package.  Approx. 20 Legs per skirt  

Length: 5 1/2"


Tying Tips:   If using a threader to pull through hard boding, pull gently.  Bobbin threader tool easily cuts legs, so make sure the hole is large enough.  Glues instantly with most superglues.

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