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Fish Skull Fly Tester

Serious fly tyers, like us, absolutely loved the Fly Tester at the Orlando IFTD show this summer.  Voted as the best new fly tying product for 2014!  


Factory Description

The Fish-Skull® Fly Tester™ enables fly tiers to “swim-test” and, ultimately, design better fly patterns.  It also provides fly shops, outdoor retailers, and commercial fly companies with a compelling way to demonstrate flies to their customers. 

 Key Features:

  • High quality, crystal-clear, acrylic swim tank with innovative (bi-directional) water flow design.

  • Upper, middle, and lower sections allow you to swim up to 3 different types of flies (streamers, nymphs and surface flies) at the same time.

  • Test streamer flies up to a foot long!

  • The slim line design is light-weight (less 8 lbs.), portable with a small footprint for any fly tying table or shop counter.

  • Powerful water pump with adjustable speed flow control.

  • Retail ready (boxed and bar coded).

  • 1-year limited warranty.

  • Retail price of $285.


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