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Esbit Pocket Stove Foldable

As the name implies, this little stove has impressive capabilities.  It uses a solid cube of fuel.  Boils a pint in 8 minutes.  Stores in the pocket.  The foldable stove is very portable, and simple to use.  Because it is lightweight, some use this as a back up stove on the trail and for camping.  Ideal item for your emergency kit, hurricane supplies, or bugout bag.


  • Sturdy for use with pots and skillets. 
  • This stove includes 6 solid fuel cubes.
  • 2-position design permits a low flame for controlled cooking or a direct flame for a quicker boil time
  • Powered by Esbit® solid fuel tablets (6 included); each tablet burns for approximately 12 minutes,
  • Non-toxic fuel is environmentally safe, has no ash residue and is nearly odorless
  • Its small size and stable fuel source make this stove a great addition to your emergency preparedness kit
  • Additional fuel tablets sold separately

 This item can not be sent Overnight due to federal restriction.


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