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DMT DuoSharp with Base


#WM8FC- WB   DuoSharp with Base


The DuoSharp Plus 8" double-sided 600/325 fine/coarse grit stone with base will sharpen, hone and lap, all types of woodworking tools including knives, chisels, plane blades, gouges, and carbide router bits. It also has a solid diamond coated area for sharpening small or pointed tools. This feature is like having a 6 honing stone and a sharpening card all in one stone. The stone measures 8" x 2-5/8". Use it dry or with water. It includes a non-skid mat to prevent slipping on work surface


Precision flat, two-diamond surfaced sharpener guaranteed to provide consistent, even sharpening every time
Two sided: Coarse diamond to transform a dull edge and Fine diamond for a razor sharp edge
Sharpens knives faster than conventional stones with DMT's monocrystalline diamond surface
No oil is needed-sharpen dry or with water
Durable construction will provide years of consistent performance and reliable service

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