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ATC Double-Sided Waterproof Fly Box Large

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Andy Thornal Company Custom Waterproof Fly Boxes, from shirt pocket size to boat boxes.  Two sided with clear Lexan© covers make it easy to see your flies.  Construction is very durable.  Positive snap latches let you know that the box is closed, no question.  This box is available is several sizes.

Size Large Is perfect for packs and backpacks.  Our second largest box.


PACK - 2"H x 8.75"L x 6.75"W - Our newest size.  While too big to carry in a shirt pocket, it is perfect for wading packs, larger sling packs, and boat bags.  There are 288 slits in the foam,  Set up is for larger flies and salt water. Slits are 1/4" apart, and approximately 1" long. Capacity for buggers and streamers is about 288, Rubber legged bugs and crabs, shrimp is about 60.  EP minnows is about 30.

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