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Pathfinder - Hybrid Weedless Topwater - 108mm - Albino Rhino

Carving a new path for topwater anglers everywhere, the 13 Fishing Pathfinder walking bait combines the fish-catching action of a spook with the weedless properties of your favorite hollow-body baits. Built on a hybrid design, the front part of the Pathfinder is built from a hard plastic that allows the lure to cut and glide on a walk-the-dog style retrieve. The rear of the lure is built with a hollow-body construction which allows the dual hook points to remain completely weedless until it’s time to set the hook. Once the hook is set on a fish, the free-swinging hook design allows the angler to maintain control and limit the leverage a fish can get to set the hook and free itself. Available in a wide-variety of your favorite colors - and some that are soon to be favorites, the Pathfinder from 13 Fishing is a truly unique topwater that goes where no walking bait has dare gone before.

4 1/4"


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