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Snow Skiing Checklist

Snow Skiing Wear

Our ski customers enjoy the benefits of functional ski clothing.  We promote a layering concept using a liner/shell combination, where each layer is functional alone or together.  Essentially ski wear is simple.  The key elements are good thermal underwear, insulation, a shell (from wind & water), and protection for extremities (hands, feet & head).

You no longer have to pack away your ski clothing, just take it apart and use each piece as needed. An external shell makes a great rain jacket or wind breaker, and a fleece liner jacket is perfect for those chilly winter evenings. We love the Triclimate line by The North Face - Quality ski jackets with functional separates. These can be viewed in our Snow Skiing Collection!


       A wicking thermal underwear transports perspiration to outer layers.  This keeps your skin dry, and half of keeping warm is keeping dry.    - Check out Hot Chilly and Under Armour Thermal Underwear

      Use a polar fleece or sweaters for Insulation. The North Face's Polartec® is hard to beat - greater warmth without the weight. We like the North Face TKA Fleeces for this layer. Turtle necks are another common option.

      A great ski shell blocks moisture and wind.  While skiing, snow will melt on your jacket – so the shell needs to repel water; however, the shell also needs to breathe.  Skiing is hard work, and even the best of us perspire.  A careful balance between “waterproof” and “breathable” makes a great ski shell (and a great windbreaker at home.) The North Face Venture Rain Jackets work well!

      Don’t forget your extremities: head, feet, and hands.  If you can keep these parts warm, your body will be warm.  We recommend waterproof gloves - If you fall, you inevitably drive snow into your gloves!  Wool socks and wicking sock liners will do wonders to keep feet warm and happy. The top of your head expells a lot of heat, and will be one of the first areas to get cold. A hat will allow you to enjoy skiing longer.  We love the Turtle Fur products!

Be sure to check out our Andy Thornal Company Snow Skiing Collection!


Thermal Underwear

Polypropylene Top 

Polypropylene Bottom 

Silk Top

Silk Bottom  

Sock Liners  

Glove Liners 

Thermax Balaclava


Turtleneck Shirt

Sweater - Wool, Cotton, Fleece

Polar Fleece

Soft Shell Pant

Fleece Pant

Merino Wool Ski Socks - Cushioned


Waterproof Shell - Rain Jacket will work

Ski Jacket - Triclimate Type with Zip Out Fleece

Ski Bibs or Pants

Waterproof Shell Pants - Rain Pants will work


Waterproof Ski Glove or Mitten

Cap - Wool Knit  or Fleece

Ear/Headband - Fleece

Neck Gaitors

Ski Mask


SPF Lip Balm

SPF Sunscreen - UVA/UVB, At least SPF30 for the face

Polarized Sunglasses

Goggles - Fog Free or Over the Glass

Hand and Feet Warmers