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SIMMS Photo Caption Contest

Winner of a $25 Gift Certificate for the best caption: James Mark Dunaway


Allen is modeling SIMMS sun protective apparel: sun shield hat, sun gaiter, solar flex shirt, sun sleeve, and sun glove. 
We think he's a little too excited for the upcoming tarpon season...

SIMMS Sun Protection ClothingSIMMS Sun Protection Clothing

Honorable Mentions:

‎"Allen, you had me on the first false cast" - Tarpon  

Submitted by David Tassos

‎"That's right baby... I am wearing Simms, my favorite color is tan, and I am a fly fishing poon ninja!" - Allen

Submitted by Chris Kincaid

"Shall We Dance"

Submitted by Patrick Henry

"Get in my belly!"

Submitted by Meshaun Cundiff

"What? You want to throw me back in so I can let you catch me? Dude, I'm already one would believe you just caught me!"

Submitted by Elissa Motter

"Thank you for loving me just the way that I am! Let's go to Andy Thornal together."

Submitted by Ursula Herrington Phillips 

"Hey, You're not my Daddy!"

Submitted by Ken from Fly Tying

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