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Randall Made Knives


Randall Made offers custom, fine crafted, hand made knives for many functions: 

Outdoorsman • Skinning and Hunting • Saltwater • Survival • Military Style • Bowie


"The Design"

Each Randall Made design is thoroughly researched, field tested, and proven to be properly shaped and designed for it's particular use. Taking into account balance and proportion. Only the best designs have been incorporated into the 45+ Randall Made models.

Randall Made Knives"The Construction"

No short cuts are taken in the construction of a Randall Made knife. Only the best materials, craftsmanship, and experience can be used to create the finest knife.

 "Randall Made Knife Care"

To protect your knife, it should be cleaned and thoroughly dried after use. If it will be stored for some time, coat it with a protective and leave it out of the sheath. Many owners of Randall Made knives say they successfully care for them by exhibiting them on their wall or desk.

Carving knives require the same care as hunting knives. It is not advisable to immerse them in water with regular tableware. Wiping and drying the blade is generally sufficient. All carbon steel blades will become stained in cutting meat because of acids in the meat; this discoloration will not harm the blade. It can easily be removed if desired by polishing with crocus cloth.

If through lack of care rust appears on the blade, remove it before pitting begins by using a fine grit emery cloth or steel wool and oil.

For the sheath use shoe polish or saddle soap. We do NOT advise using oil because it will soften the leather and keep the sheath flexible, making it difficult to sheathe the knife. To darken the sheath, use dark polish or dye.

All knives require sharpening occasionally after use. We recommend that the blade be kept well honed at all times, for a sharp knife is safer to use than a dull one.