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Paul Schulz Art Studio and Gallery

Paul Schulz Art Studio and Gallery

A recent addition to our ATC Family is local artist Paul Schulz. Paul creates beautiful artwork in his new studio - stop by and see him in action!

Paul Schulz

About Paul (from his website):

Paul Schulz is a native of Winter Haven, FL and graduated from Davidson College in 1982 where he majored in economics and minored in art. He worked as a Design Coordinator for Hallmark Card Company until 1985 when he returned to Winter Haven to run the family business, Florida Chemical, which has sold citrus oils since 1942. After serving as the President and CEO of Florida Chemical for 21 years, Paul is now leaving to focus on his art career.

His Art

Paul produces original artwork in his new studio here at Andy Thornal Company. 

Wildlife has thus far been the focus of his art. He has traveled extensively collecting reference for his work including several trips to South America. Paul prefers to use vibrant color in his paintings to reflect the spectacular array of color found in nature.

Paul has been involved in several projects including illustrating "Under the Panther Moon" and "Law Matters," by former Florida Senator Rick Dantzler. This project was especially rewarding for Paul because the graphite sketches are similar to the engravings his grandfather, William Pringle, did for the U.S. Mint. Other projects include painting a butterfly sculpture for the Kaleidoscope fundraiser for the City of Lakeland.

Another project near to Paul's heart is the Bouvier Initiative at Emory University. He donated the "Emory Eagle" original painting to the fund raising effort currently taking place. His efforts at Emory have given him the opportunity to meet some extrodinary people. You can read more about the Bouvier Initiative and Paul's celebrity encounters in the news.

Artwork (Prints and originals), note cards, and t-shirts are available for purchase.

Paul's new Africa Wildlife prints and 2013 calender NOW AVAILABLE in store! For more information call us at 800-499-9890!

   African Wildlife Collection

Sample Artwork Gallery

  "Spectrum of Life" from the Biodiversity Series

  "New Perspective"

  "Tailing Redfish"

  "Valencia Morning"   "Sandhill Cranes"  "Tidal Encounters"  From the Galapagos Collection