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Orvis Superfine Touch Fly Rod Features and Specifications

Superfine Touch Fly Rod and Grpahite TubeThe Superfine fly rod has gone through several updates over the years since its first introduction.  And over time, there have been many sexier, fantastic new fly rods, but the superfine will always hold a spot that is near and dear for many anglers.  Just like a '64 Mustang or a split tail ‘Vette, these muscle cars fill a place in a hot rodders heart.   And the Superfine does this for many anglers that want an accurate and refined action in their fly rod. 

Superfine Touch Fly Rods

 It is one of the smoothest rods for casts between 15 and 40 feet.   This rod is perfect for pocket water where accuracy is paramount, and distance is secondary.  Roll cast all day long with new age composites built with time tested tapers and actions.

Technology makes these rods light.  Rod making experience makes them cast great.  New generations of graphite used in the Access fly rods and the new thermoset thermoplastic epoxy resins all combine to make a fly rod that is 10% to 20% lighter than the equivalent of last year.  The result is also amazingly durable.

Dry Fly casters dream rod.   Whether you are working your way upstream with a dry fly or fishing your favorite patch of lilies, this rod makes delicate presentations in the tightest places.  Respect for the old tapers and actions that had a priority on accuracy, and the ultralite new technology produces fly rods for anglers that like to fish close and tight.  But don't be mistaken, a little punch to the cast and the Superfine shows it's new high tech muscle.  These rods make a panfish feel like a monster.

Superfine Touch Fly Rod with CFO Fly ReelCan a fly rod look cool?  Yes.  The styling of the Superfine is a definitely a throwback with modern updates.  The handmade craftsmanship of a rod made in Manchester, VT is evident throughout.  Notice the cigar grip of super-grade cork, and how it tapers into the rod windings.  The Superfine still has beautiful honey maple reel seat, epoxy stabilized, and gold anodized milled aluminum hardware.  The rod blank is unsanded.  It has the original ridges from the rod making process.  Modern rods usually have these pleasant little ridges sanded off.  The translucent glossy grey finish enhances this effect.   Rod wraps are a clear burnt orange and the snake guides are gold toned stainless.  The stripping guide has a matching gold toned titanium liner ring.  And there is still a hook keeper.  The tube is made from matching unsanded graphite with gold aluminum top and cotton sock.  Yes, the details of the Superfine Touch make a cool looking fly rod.

Made in Manchester, Vermont, USA.

Unconditional Orvis Fly Rod Warranty.   If you are the original owner, the Access fly rod is covered by the Unconditional Orvis 25 Year Fly Rod Warranty.  This is an extra measure of insurance that is included with every Access Fly Rod.