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Orvis Helios Fly Rod Features and Specifications

Orvis Helios Fly RodOrvis set out to make the lightest fly rod on the planet, and they succeeded.  The ZG Helios fly rod combines incredible technology advancements, but in a package that is very friendly to cast for the advanced and beginning angler.  The Helios could add 10-20 feet to your best cast. This is achieved through weight (or rather lack of weight) and rod taper.  The rod is also very sensitive for short and mid ranges.  

Pick up a Helios and immediately you realize that you are holding something different.  It is an amazing 20% lighter than other premium fly rods.  And in keeping, they lightened the reel seat 20% to keep the entire outfit balanced.  The use of very high modulus graphite and thermoset thermoplastic epoxy resins are responsible for the weight savings.  “You'll be stunned by just how light and balanced the Helios is; at just 2 1/8 oz.the 8' 6" 5-wt feels like you're holding just a cork handle, and at at just 3 1/4 oz. the 9-wt. literally feels like a 5-wt.” (Factory quote) After casting all day, this rod is still a pleasure to cast.

Orvis Helios Fly Rod Freshwater Looks as good as it casts.  The deep glossy olive blanks have an unusual depth and the graphite pattern is faintly visible underneath the gloss coat.  Dark wraps complement the rod blanks.  The reel seat is graphite with milled aluminum accents which was anodized in gold tone.  Gold rod makers ticks assist with alignment of the 4 piece rods.

Titanium guides make the rod exceptional light and strong.  The snake guides are flexible.  They can be contorted without cracking or bending.  The gold anodized color blends beautifully with the rest of the hardware.REC Recoil guides on Helios Fly Rod

Even the rod tube is light.  The Helios rod tube is made from woven graphite.  One of the original reviewers of the Helios rod, Tom Chandler from the Trout Underground, is recognized as calling Orvis upon receipt of the rod tube.  He said "they" had forgotten to include the rod, but upon conversation, he had not looked inside because the package was so light!  The rod was in the tube!


 Orvis Helios Ion Fly RodFreshwater models: There is a single titanium stripping guide with nanolite ceramic liner.  All of the guides are flex titanium - REC Recoil guides that resist breakage.  The cigar shaped handle is made from the highest grade cork.   And there is still a hook keeper.  Reel seat is woven graphite with aluminum basket accent-very light, very strong.

Going to extremes Helios Ion Fly Rods  These fly rods are ultra lite even by standards set by the Helios.  Small weights, shorter rods.  They are intended for surgical precision in small streams, but there is nothing to prevent you from catching a 10lb Redfish on one of these one ounce fly rods!

Saltwater models: Dual oversized titanium stripping guides with nanolite ceramic liners.  All of the guides are flex titanium - REC Recoil guides that resist breakage.  The half wells shaped handle is made from the highest quality cork, and there is a slim profile fighting butt-cork and rubber.

Made in Manchester, Vermont, USA.

Unconditional Orvis Fly Rod Warranty.   If you are the original owner, the Access fly rod is covered by the Unconditional Orvis 25 Year Fly Rod Warranty.  This is an extra measure of insurance that is included with every Access Fly Rod.


Tom Rosenbauer on Helios Fly Rods