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Orvis H2 Fly Rod Information and Videos

The Orvis H2 is lighter, stronger, and more accurate than any fly rod ever made.

It is an incredible fly rod.  Compared to previous Orvis Helios(world's previous lightest fly rod)
-20% lighter in hand
-100% increase in tip-impact strength
-Fine-tuned tapers for unrivaled tracking, accuracy, and lifting power
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"This rod is for fly fishing addicts"

The Helios 2 is a featherlight war club that defies the laws of physics and has the backbone of an I-beam. Lighter in hand and 20% stronger than any rod ever developed, it transitions energy directly from your brain to the fly and casts with the precision of a laser pointer. Made by hand in the Orvis, Manchester, Vermont rod shop, it’s a fly rod built by anglers who fish their way home from work, anglers with sunglasses-shaped tan lines, anglers who tie blood knots in their sleep.

Featuring all-new tapers fine-tuned to transfer energy along a smoother curve, the Helios 2 offers unrivaled tracking, accuracy, and additional lifting power while maintaining tippet protection. Built with a proprietary material integrated into the tip, the Helios 2’s impact strength is 100% stronger, the dampening has increased, and the swing weight has been reduced by 20% from the original Helios. Finished with striking midnight blue blanks, accenting wraps, crushproof REC Recoil® guides, REC California buckeye burl freshwater reel seats, REC woven graphite saltwater reel seats, black nickel skeletons, super-grade cork handles, and a UV-inhibiting paint coating, the Helios 2 is the finest fly rod ever produced.

What Andy Thornal Company has discovered - reel selection should be carefully considered:
The H2 is stunning light weight and responsive.  It casts well at short, mid, and long ranges, loading easily.  The less one works at it, the better the rod casts.  The most difficult part is finding a reel that balances on the World’s Lightest Fly Rod.  Sometimes there is a good match from Orvis, sometimes there is something better.  Here we will break it down from a weight perspective.  Keep in mind that the Orvis H2 is 20% lighter than any other production fly rod today!

Example: 5 weight H2 fly rods.  The first three reels are large arbor.  The last is a traditional arbor.  Nice weight (and dollar) savings if a traditional arbor will do the job.

Reels for Orvis H2 5-weight fly rods:

Orvis Mirage II for 3-5 weight fly line weighs 4.3 oz [Large Arbor]
Orvis Hydros II for 3-5 weight fly line weighs 4.3 oz [Large Arbor]
Waterworks Litespeed II for 4-6 weight fly line weighs 3.7 oz [Large Arbor]
Orvis BBS II for 3-5 weight fly line weighs 3.5 oz [Traditional]

Example: 8 weight H2 fly rods. The Waterworks Litespeed seems to have been made for the H2 Helios fly rod as it balances perfectly.  But so does the Orvis BBS IV traditional reel.  Most anglers will prefer the Large Arbor format for an 8 weight.  One crank of the handle brings in about a foot of line, but purely thinking weight, consider a traditional format reel.

Reels for Orvis H2 8-weight fly rods:

Orvis Hydros IV for 7-8 weight fly line weighs 6.7 oz [Large Arbor]
Waterworks Guru III for 7 or 8 weight fly line weighs 5.5 oz [Large Arbor]
Waterworks Litespeed III for 8 weight fly line weighs 4.7 oz [Large Arbor]
Orvis BBS IV for 7-8 weight fly line weighs 4.5 oz [Traditional]

View H2 fly rods currently in stock at Andy Thornal Company 

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