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Because of new restrictions and surcharges on airlines, new emphasis is put on carry on baggage. In the past, travelers would pack a change of clothes and meds in a carry on. Today, this may be your only piece of luggage. Key issues are weight, and organization. We feature Eagle Creek Luggage and Orvis Luggage because of a no questions asked, lifetime warranty.

Wheeled luggage has always been important in our store. Most of the larger pieces are wheeled for convenience, and many of the bags have sturdy bottom compartments for wrinkle free travel. We still stock a wheeled garment bag. Some of the new lightweight luggage uses high tech fabrics and innovative construction. These bags are designed to carry bulky hunting gear and ski clothing to cold destinations. With 50lb. restrictions on domestic travel, consider these new designs. Many of the mid-sized pieces slip over the “roller” handles for easy and comfortable rolling ensembles.

Travel Accessories make life easier away from home. Eagle Creek Pack-It systems are favorites of the organized and efficient traveler. New travel bottles allow you to pack your favorite personal fluids in a convenient carry on package. You’ll find travel pillow and eyeshades to make travel a little easier. Also, consider taking one of our water bottles. They can be filled from a fountain once you pass security.

Security accessories have always included the money belt. Now there are several styles (ex. neck, leg, hidden pocket.) We recommend these items to all of our international travelers and folks on cruises. Passports are easily and securely carried as well as cash and credit cards. New TSA locks allow security agents to check the contents of your luggage, while still providing security.

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