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Kayaks, Paddles and Accessories

Florida kayaking is about slow flowing spring fed rivers, thousands of lakes, and the addictive saltwater bays and lagoons. Our water creates unique demands on how we kayak. Our collection of accessories and kayaks reflects what is used here, and what works here.

Whether you are looking for a way to get away from it all, or chase the biggest fish in the shallwest water, try the sport of kayaking.

All of our kayaks share three fundamental qualities:
1) Safety and ease of escape-All of the kayaks are designed to dump the passengers out of the kayak in case of capsizing. Sit-On-Top kayaks by their nature will also dump you out! None of our kayaks requires lessons in Eskimo-Roll-Technique, and this is for safety reasons.
2) Stability-All of our kayaks are designed for Still water. They are stabile when stopped or under way. They are straight keeled, and designed to paddle in Florida waters. They are not intended for whitewater.
3) They are all good fishing kayaks. We add rod holders and anchor systems to convert any of our kayaks into an angler model.

You will find some of the tried and true accessories for you kayak. If an item needs to stay dry (electronics,) absolutely use protective gear. Hatches and interior areas of a kayak are “almost” dry, but not dry enough for cell phones and cameras, so use the protective gear from Sealine and Pelican. Fishing rod holders store rods out of the way and protect them from damage. They also hold the rods in case of a capsize! Short trips and limited space change how we prepare for a kayak fishing trip. Most anglers will use two or thee rods, and limit themselves to only a couple small lure boxes, or a chest pack. Rod holders can be found in this section. Pack for a Gilligan (Three hour tour) rather than taking your entire collection of gear! Inflatable life jackets are fantastic in warmer weather. The traditional vest will provide warmth in cooler weather.

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