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Jetboil Technology

Jetboil Cooking System The benefits of Jetboil Technology:


The Jetboil camping and backpacking cooking systems incorporate both burner and cooking vessel into one single unit that can be easily stored as a single package! A simple push-button ignition makes firing up the stove a snap!


Jetboil's new FluxRing™ technology concentrates heat to make these camping stoves faster boilers than traditional stoves! Boil a cup a minute! Even windy conditions will not hinder your cookout with the built in windscreen! Easy set up plus the windscreen makes this the perfect performance camping cook stove!

Fuel Efficiency

Typical stoves and cookware yield fuel efficiencies between 30-40%, but Jetboil's FluxRing technology allows for over 80% efficiency! Basically, FluxRing technology boils twice as much volume with 1 canister of fuel than other leading technologies! This saves both carrying weight and money buy requiring less fuel to heat the same amount! One 100-gram canister of Jetpower fuel boils 10 L of water, while a 230-gram canister boils 23 L!

Integrated Design

Jetboil cooking systems and accessories (including fuel canisters) are designed to nest within the cooking vessel itself for easy and convenient storage. The lightweight and integrated design allows for easy packing and carrying on your best adventures!

Easy to Use

No assembly required. Simple. Easy. Fast. The cooking vessels center securely on the burner with stabilizing clips to avoid spills, while the push-button igniter quickly and easily lights. Heat level can be dialed to a desired temperature to suite the occasion. Once your food/beverage is heated, the insulted neoprene cozy keeps it warm!