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Instant Sink Tips

Shipping is only $1 for 1 to 3 Sink Tips

Sink tips get your fly deep, quickly.

Loop to loop connection instantly converts your floating line into a sink tip!  Quickly convert from floating to sinking without expensive extra spools.  Instant sink tips come in 3 sink rates to adapt to conditions.  Sink tips are effective with swift current, deep pools, and swinging streamers near the bottom.  Work beautifully with poly leaders.

Use a short tippet instead of a long leader.  A 9ft. leader will develop a large belly as the sink tip drags the the fly down.  We recomend tippets that are 2ft. to 3ft.  Flourocarbon will sink quicker that mono tippets.

Sink rate 3"/sec  Class III

Sink rate 4"/sec Class IV

Sink rate 6"/sec Class VI

Made in USA

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