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ATC Snook Leader 10ft 12/39lb

Hand Tied Snook Leader 

A leader that matches fly, fly line, and fishing conditions.  It will improve your accuracy and presentation.


It is unique for anglers who target snook.  Use on fly rods and lines - 7 weight to 10 weight.  To prevent cut-offs from the gill plates of Snook, there is a durable 18" 39lb Fluorocarbon bite Tippet.  The long, heavy butt section will turn over weighted flies into saltwater mangroves, and the 20lb tippet is perfect for dock fishing.  Flies sink faster with the fluorocarbon tippet sections.  Fluorocarbon is best for clear water conditions.  This is also a great leader for suspended shrimp patterns in the current.  We recommend using a non-slip loop knot to tie on a fly.  Made with monofilament butt and flourocarbon tippet sections.  This leader is for water 1ft - 8ft.

Tippet.013in Bite-Tippet .021in  Butt .023in   

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